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iTools Windows 7

iTools Windows 7? What is this new term?

iTools Windows 7 might be a new term for you. But do not worry. Let us explain you. This iTools is the best software which has been built for you to use except for iTunes. As you all know iTunes is the tool Apple Inc. developed. If you are an iDevice user such as iPhone, iPad or iPod you may have used this iTunes regularly. But in this iTools, there are so much more features included. You will be amazed when you hear the details. In iTunes you can manage your images, videos, view them and also sync with the PC. But in this iTools you can do the usual iTunes task and with less complexity and more user-friendly-ness. And lot more features have been added too. And most importantly you can try this for absolutely free. And you don’t need to jailbreak your device too. With or without jailbreaking you can use this tool.

If you are interested in this amazing iTools Windows 7 scroll down and read more. You will be amazed.

iTools Windows 7

Features of this amazing iTools Windows 7


There are so many features offered by this tool. Let’s find out what are the features of this iTools in details.


  • iTools Windows 7 with AirPlayer

Are you worried about streaming movies and videos on your phone screen? We know because of the smaller screen you might not get the movie experience a lot. But now you don’t have to worry. With this amazing AirPlayer feature now you can view all the movies, images, videos with no reduced resolution. Not in the small phone screen. In your huge computer screen. And also using this AirPlayer you can easily share screens with your friends and families in a party too.


  • Image Tool on your PC

Now you can easily cut, crop, paste, manage, organize and collect all your images with this amazing image tool on your PC with few clicks.


  • Backup, Restore and Data migration

Now with one click, you can easily back up all your data on your phone, restore them whenever you need too. And also if you are hoping to change your old iDevice to a new. Then without any hesitation, you can use this amazing data migration tool. Your device data will be transferred to your new device quickly.


  • Battery Master will save your phone

Now with this amazing battery master tool, you can get any detail about your battery such as lifespan, voltage, capacity etc. This feature only includes iTools Windows 7.


  • Ringtone Maker

You can use any mp3, audios and create a customized ringing tone for your preferences. You only need to use this ringing tone maker feature.

System and Hardware Requirement of iTools Windows 7

Windows (32 bit & 64 bit) 8.1/ 8/ 7/ 10/ Vista and Mac- OS X 10.8 and above

CPU: 750MHz AMD, Intel

RAM: 256 MB or above.

Disk Space: 40MB

So why do you use a complex software like iTunes? Try this amazing iTools Windows 7 and share with everyone! Download now!

iTools latest version Windows

iTools latest version download-Windows

itools latest version windows


iTunes is the Apple’s official iOS management tool for manage iDevices such as iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, but the iTunes have been designed not only for iOS management but also for Apple’s business purposes. For this reason, iTunes is processing more complicated functions that generate inconvenient for users while using iTunes as an iOS management tool. So, what I’m trying to let you know, the iTunes is hard to use as an iOS management tool, therefore we can use the iTools latest version for windows for a better iOS management. iTools latest version Windows is the best alternative to iTunes. The main purpose of iTools Windows is to manage iOS, otherwise, iTools latest version doesn’t have any other purpose.

What is iTools Windows doing?

  • Transfer and edit data such as music, applications, videos, contacts, messages, eBooks, and podcasts.
  •  Backup and restore iOS based data and manage, and view iOS data in an efficient.
  • Downloading and sharing files between iDevices and Windows PC.
  • Handy toolkit: Ringtone maker, Data migrate, Super Backup, Super Restore etc.
  • Remake audio files to use as ringing tone formats.
  • Special tools like iTools latest version windows data migrate tool, Super backup and super restore tool.


iTools latest version download Windows Data Migrate Tool


itools latest version download


iTools latest version download Windows Data migrate tool is an application that use to share data between two iOS iDevices. Sometimes you have to change your iDevices when you buying a new iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. So, you should get your previous iPhone, iPad or iPod touch data to the new one. To do this data sharing process or data migration process we need a special application. Here iTools for windows already comes with an iOS data migrate tool, and it can migrate or share all iOS data from previous iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to the new one.


iTools latest version download Windows Backup & Restore tool

With The iTools’ backup and restore tool you can backup and restore your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch whenever you want. If your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch lost or stolen, you may not be worry for that anymore. Just you have to connect your iDevice to the Windows PC and-and open the iTools latest version download for windows and use one-click backup tool.

You can backup podcasts, Playlist, Contacts, Apps, Image Gallery, Moves, Messages, Call history, eBooks etc.


iTools for Windows System & Hardware Requirements

Operating System:

Window 8.1,  8, 7, 10, Vista(32&64bit)

iTools latest version windows  – Compatible Devices

Compatible iPhone types

iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS,iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5S, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone SE, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus

Compatible iPad types

iPad, iPad 2, The New iPad, iPad mini, iPad with Retina display, iPad mini with Retina display, iPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPad mini 3, iPad mini 4, iPad Pro

Compatible iPod types

iPod touch (the 1-6 generation)

Install iTools latest version Download-Windows

iTools latest version download-Windows is available on free of charge to download and use it without any restrictions.

How to download iTools latest version-Windows

  1. Download iTools from trusted website
  2. Open the itools installer
  3. Install the iTools latest version and enjoy.


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