What is eye care switcher?

Eye care switcher is an application which comes with ASUS computers and laptops to protect user’s eye from monitors and screen brightness. The eye care switcher is protecting human eye from the Computer Vision Syndrome(CVS). The Computer Vision Syndrome(CVS) is an eye problem resulting when long time use of computers and other devices. When you are using computers, you are always focusing on the screen about files, images, web pages, games and etc. So, if you are sitting and working a long time in front of a computer, your eye muscles are getting tired and it also reduces your brain processing speed.

Eye care switcher

The ASUS Eye care is created to avoid this disadvantage of computers. This tool controls the screen brightness and contrast levels according to standard medical guidelines and rules. So, the Eye care switcher download ASUS will protect you eye form the computer screens.

How ASUS eye care switcher works

There are two types of technologies that used for the software.

  1. ASUS Ultra-low Blue Light: – the ASUS Ultra-low Blue Light reduces the blue light of screens with the right amount which is suit to protect human eyes.
  2. ASUS Flicker- Free: – the ASUS Flicker- Free use the Smart Dynamic Backlight Adjustment technology to reduce the harmful brightness levels and it controls the brightness.

Why do you need to use the Eye care switcher?

As you know the usage of computer is increasing continuously day by day according to the development of information technology. Computers take place on business, sports, entertainment, gaming and etc. most of the people who are using computers are work more than 8-10 hours on computers without any protecting actions to eyes. This is the worse situation that no one gets an action to protect their eyes.

But some people needed to find solutions to that problem. So, the Eye care latest version is a result that found a solution for the problem I mentioned above.  The Eye care  is a high technology based simple tool for protecting eyes from the harmful light coming from computer screens. The ASUS Eye care is helped to reduce some day to day problems when using computers.

I need to mention about the stress that you have to feel because of the screen problems. The stress is the main problem for PC and laptop users. Most of the stress based things may happen when using computers happened with the screen colors, brightness and also with the contrast. So, the eye care switcher is reducing all of the disadvantages. So, the this software especially designed to avoiding those harmful characteristics on the screen. If you feel any uncomfortable with your computer screen or if you feel any stress when using your laptop or desktop commuter, download Eye care switcher.

Eye care switcher

Advantages of ASUS eye care switcher

Reduce physical damages on eyes and mental diseases mentioned in below.

burning eyes, discomfort on eyes, double vision, eyes drying, Headaches, Sore, tired, focusing problems, Watery eyes, Blurred vision, problems with sensitivity to light, itchy eyes.


Download Eye care switcher for and Mac

Please go to the internet and search for Eye care switcher and find a proper link to download software for Windows and Mac

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