iTools iPhone X – Manage your new iPhone X with the latest iTools 4

iTools iPhone X

The iTools iPhone X managing tool already included in the latest version of iTools which is recently released late of 2017 as the iTools 4. The latest version of iTools comes with a number of amazing features which are specially designed for manage iOS file system and data. Unlike other iPhone managing software, the iTools iPhone X is more powerful and very fast. The user-friendly interface of iTools makes the iPhone X managing more flexible and free.

On the other hand, the iTools can apply with the latest release of iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and also with the latest release of iOS, the iOS 11. The mechanism of iTools iPhone X can identify the system files and configurations of iPhone X and it can use those data to give fastest solutions on managing iPhone. Also, the iTools available for use with iPad and iPod touch according to special features of latest iTools 4.

itools iphone x

Why iTools 4 iPhone x


This is the most important fact you need to consider about. Most of the iDevice users are facing to difficulties when using the iTunes, the official Apple’s iDevice managing tool. Actually it is not designed for only managing iDevices, it is widely using for Apple’s marketing purposes. Simply the iTunes brings you to their marketplace every time you opened the iTunes through your Mac or Windows PC.

Sometimes you already experienced the slow processing of iTunes. Even for single file share through the desktop. The iTunes requires number of procedures for those kind of simple data sharing.  But the iTools latest version only need one or two clicks for do all of the things.



iTools is the fastest iPhone manager available on the internet. It uses the drag and drop file moving technology for copy and paste the files.

All in one media manager

The iTools iPhone X able to copy, edit, move, delete, create and paste images, songs, videos, text documents, PDF documents, apps, folders, directories, games, TV shows, audio files and etc.

User-friendly interface

The iTools 4 has a user-friendly interface which is lead to navigate through the software when managing the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.


The iTools 4 is free to use and it doesn’t need any monthly fee. Even all the features are free to use and there are no any restrictions when installing the iTools 4.


Features of iTools iPhone X


  • iTools notify the system upgrades and apps upgrades.
  • Downgrade the firmware and apps
  • Install and uninstall apps on your iPhone X and iPad and iPod touch.
  • Backup and restore file on your iDevice such as images, audio, video and etc.
  • Migrate data between two iDevices. You can migrate data from your old iPhone to new iPhone X
  • The iTools ringtone maker allows you to create unique and creative ringtones for iPhone.
  • File explorer allows to navigate your iPhone storage
  • Manage contacts, iBooks, iMessages and Podcasts.


How to download the iTools 4 for iPhone X

Please visit the download page and follow the instructions for download the iTools iPhone X. also you can install the iTools latest version with the instructions we have provided.