What is iTools latest version 2017?

The best alternative software to manage your iDevice with connecting to your computer is none other than iTools latest version 2017. The iTools latest version 2017 provides you the facility to connect to your computer without an iTunes account itself and allows you to customize you iDevice. Your iPhone, iPad, iPod can be easily connected to your computer and can be changed and customized whenever you need it.  Your iDevice doesn’t need to be jailbreak or not. iTools latest version 2017 will support you greatly with all the functionalities and it will help you to manage your media apps and all the files which are included. The iTools 2017 comes with more simple tools like Data migrate tool,  Backup and Restore tool,  Ringtone maker,  Content management etc.

itools latest version 2017

iTools 2017 install guide

iTools latest version 2017 over iTunes-Why?

To use and manage your iDevice on your desktop when you use iTunes mainly you need and Apple ID and an account to get connected. But now iTools latest version 2017 provides you much more facilities without an apple ID. The interface of iTunes and iTools latest version 2017 is similar. But iTools latest version 2017 handle more file formats and folders which include in your iDevice.  This is fast and easy to use and it all starts with a simple installation and everything else is clearly understandable with the iTools latest version 2017 software.  Mainly the iTools latest version 2017 is free!

Specialties of iTools latest version 2017

There are so many mesmerizing specialties in iTools software.

iTools latest version is Customizing themes, adding ringing tones, making them, changing wallpapers with the user-friendly interface. Also, all your media files, data, files and folders, contact information which supports different formats can now easily managed through iTools latest.On the other hand Installing and uninstalling apps, games, software, also we can do easily. Especially, Contact information, all the media, and application data can backup with few clicks.Not only within iDevices data sharing but also do with other iDevices as well including the data restore process and it also do now easily. iPhone, iPad and iPod touch Upgrading and firmware of your iDevice are also a key feature. Upgrading and Downgrading also include in iTools 2017.iTools  has also the feature of battery saving and device optimizing.Etc.

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Reasons to choose iTools latest 2017

There are noticeable reasons to decide why to use iTools latest version 2017.

  1. Without an Apple ID and an account you can use iTools latest version 2017
  2. You can use this without the need of jailbreaking your iDevice.
  3. iTools 2017 software if given free to all
  4. the steps to access all the features are really simple and easy.
  5. You do not need a higher space to install iTools software and the installation comes in handy.
  6. User-friendly interface with the facility of accessing both windows and Mac operating systems
  7. Supports data sharing with many devices.
  8. Backing up, restoring, upgrading and also supports many formats.
Let’s start with iTools latest version 2017

Supporting iDevices-iTools latest 2017

Latest iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone SE, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus,iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, iPhone 5 , iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s, iPad mini 2 , iPad mini 3 and iPad mini 4, iPad Air , iPad Air 2, iPad 4 , iPad pro, 6th Generation iPod Touch

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