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iTools latest version download iOS 10.0.1

iTools latest version download iOS 10.0.1

iOS 10.0.1 released and available to download and install on iPhones, iPads and iPod touches around the world from the end of 2016, and since then Apple has released several incremental updates to fix bugs and add improvements and features. The latest was iOS 10.0.1, which brought the new advanced features, apps and management functions.

Those advanced and complicated Updates of ios latest version 10.0.1 minimize the efficiency of managing iOS data and day to day works such as managing apps, backup, and restore, media management, data migration, etc. You can manage iOS 10.0.1 iDevice data with iTunes but you have to face more complicated and bored managing processes.

So, iTools latest version brings super easy iOS management experience without any complicated and advanced iOS management processes.

Simple iOS management with iTools latest version

iTools is an Apple device synchronization management software alternative to iTunes. Where it is used to establish as an interface between iOS based devices such as iPhone/iPad/iPod and desktop PC to access to the entire file system and customize the files. iTools has many advanced features comparing with iTunes but it will manage your iDevice super easy. If you are seeking best iOS management system, here are all details that systems’ has. iTools is trusted iOS management system and millions of users proving that clearly. Also, iTools has high standard functionality as a software, so whether your iOS version jailbreak or not iTools supports greatly. So download iTools latest version and manage your media, apps and all iOS files that your device has.

Why iTools without iTunes??

Simply why iTools without iTunes, it’s simple. You don’t have to confuse with itools like repair applications.   iTools is available to free download both MAC and Windows platforms with a simple installation. Even it doesn’t need an apple ID. The best thing is, iTools makes the iOS data management process more fast, efficient, effective, simple and understandable. You don’t have to confuse with advanced functionalities.

iTools latest version gives many tools and services. There is three kind of tools sections in itools.

  1. Data Management
  2. Device Management
  3. Advanced Features


Device Management with iTools – iOS 10.0.1


  1. Battery Master

itools latest version download

The Battery Master shows all the details about the battery of iPhone, iPad and iPod touch when it connected to the iTools latest version. It also shows the running battery percentage and how long it will hold the power. And also we can get an idea about the usage of the battery while we are using apps, surf the internet, playing games etc.


  1. Real-Time Screenshot

The Real Time Screenshot tool gives influential use to iPhone, iPad or iPod touch users. To record a video screen with your iDevice while you are playing games, using apps, creating documents, the Real Time Screenshot tool is the best tool for this purpose. Especially we are doing a lot of documentary works by iPad and sometimes we need to record those works to show others. So, here is the best tool for that and you can iTools latest version download free and get this valuable tool.


  1. Desktop management

The itools Desktop Management tool made the screen is easier than the other. You can delete apps, move apps, change the order for better and clear screen for iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

  1. Reauthorization

The Reauthorization tool works as a repair applications.


  1. Portable Hard Drive

The Portable Hard Drive tool is useful to add or remove data that stored in USB flash drive or portable storage to iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

Download and install itools latest version

iTools latest version download iOS 10

iTools for better iOS Management

iTools is a iOS Apple idevice management application tool which allows to the iPhone, iPad, iPod touch users to manage their iDevices and transfer data from the computer to the iDevices and vice verse. This data management application is very closed in looks and functionalities with Apple official data synchronization software, iTunes.

The idea of the iTools is to provide an advanced iDevice management with simple way to keep data transferring from PC to the iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and backed up and restored if needed. The iPhone, iPad, iPod touch users will probably not be disappointed because, they will get the iTools latest version download iOS 10 totally free for their iDevices which does the job it is intended to do. iTools take all the options and functionalities the iTunes has, but the thing is iTools can make super easy the iOS management even with iOS 10 the latest version of iOS. iTools does not need any advanced of confusing installation to be able to function. All they need to do is just iTools latest version download for iOS 10 and install it on the PC with the executable file available in the folder.

iTools latest version download- iOS 10.1.2

What you can really do with iTools latest version download??

Data Management with iTools latest version – iOS 10

  1. Ringtone maker

iTools ringtone maker allows you to make ringtones for voice calls and text messages easily. You can use your own audio file (eg:- mp3) to make ringtones by using iTools ringtone maker. Even you can use your own audio files to make ringtones such as your own voice cuts, own songs, recordings from radio or other sources. Also, you can manually set arbitrarily songs start and end time with ringtone maker.


  1. Data migrate

itools latest version download


iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users always changing their iDevices time to time according to Apple device releases. When you change your idevice, you must transfer old data into the new iDevice because those data may be very important for you. So, iTools latest version ios 10 has a great data migrate to migrate your old phone’s data to a new phone such as pictures, videos, music, contacts, messages, etc.


  1. Super Backup

itools latest version download


iTools latest version allows you to back up your data fast and super easy. Also you can back up iOS 10 with itools latest version easily.

To back up iOS 10

Step #01

Open iTools latest version after connecting the device to your computer and, click the “Super Backup” in the Toolbox.

Step #02
Read the basic information about the device and confirm the details and click next.

Step #03
After the scan completed, select the content needs to be backed up and start.


  1. Super Restore


itools latest version download


iTools latest version allows you to Restore up your data fast and super easy. Also you can restore the iOS 10 that runs in apple iDevice with iTools latest version download easily.

 Step #01

Open iTools latest version after connecting the device to your computer and, click the “Super Restore” in the Toolbox.

Step #02
Take eye on the primary information about the idevice and click next to confirming the details.

Step #03
Select contents to restore then click “Next” until the restoration can be completed.


  1. File Explorer


itools file explorer

File explorer helps you to manage data when you connect the iDevice to the PC. You can view the system directory & file system of the iDevice to get a better understand about the file system arrangement and behavior.


  1. iCloud Photo Management

If you are using online iCloud photo stream, iTools latest version provides very usefully and easy iCloud photo management feature to optimize your images better.

Click here to iTools latest version download iOS 10